Connor Lyons

Connor Lyons is a Professional surfer and Surf Coach. Connor started surfing at 5 years old. Surfing was a secondary sport as his main focus through his childhood years was competing as a gymnast. Connor had huge success as a young gymnast and was pegged as a future Olympian. However at the age of 12 Connors love for the Ocean and Surfing took him down a different path and he decided to focus solely on surfing and his new dream of becoming a professional surfer. Connor is currently making steady progress on the World Qualifying Series and is also coaching the Chinese Olympic team. Connor is passionate about his health and understands the importance of a healthy mind and body. “As an athlete I take care when deciding what goes into my body in order to stay in peak mental and physical condition that’s why I’m honoured to be apart of the OBz team.” Connor has a great connection to the Earth and believes strongly in it’s preservation.

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Age: 20